Thursday, December 2, 2021

Robots as Spaceships: Paver-Guard Battlesuits

On the rim of civilized space, there are monsters. Alien beasts of every description imaginable. Some are hostile and irritable. Some are fearless and stealthy predators. Some are driven by strange hive-mind bent on destroying human habitation. Don't rely on exterminators to keep you safe. They will avenge you, but if you want to stay safe, you'll need Armor. Armor like PaverGaurd. 

I've talked about creating power suits and walkers in earlier posts, but I really only made one. Here I present a spectrum of TL 10 battlesuits of all sizes.

 PaverGaurd is a series of Power-Armor designed for life on frontier planets that might have hostile alien infestations. Its TL10, and uses the standard costs for spaceship legs. Legality Class varies by setting: the legality class of power armor is usually LC2 in Gurps, but the setting PaverGaurd was inspired by considers it to be civilian equipment, at least on the frontier, so higher Legality Classes may be appropriate. PaverGaurd is built as power armor, so it uses its wear's speed and does not have full vehicle statistics, and uses the equation for armor I give here. If worn by someone with a very high move, it may be appropriate to limit their speed to 10 if using the standard leg speed rules, or to less if using downshifted legs. The armor split is what I called "Standard Humanoid Armoring" in my earlier post, applying the higher number to the head and torso armor.

ST 1438/28
TL 10$2,500
ST 1554/40
TL 10$3,500
ST 1777/57
100 lbs
TL 10$5,000
ST 1892/68
120 lbs
TL 10$6,000
ST 19107/79
150 lbs
TL 10$7,500
ST 20117/87
200 lbs
TL 10$10,000
ST 23
300 lbs
TL 10$15,000
ST 25
400 lbs
TL 10$20,000
ST 27
500 lbs
TL 10$25,000
ST 27
600 lbs
TL 10$30,000
ST 30
700 lbs
TL 10$35,000
ST 32
800 lbs
TL 10$40,500
ST 36201/149
1,000 lbs
TL 10$50,000
ST 40217/161
1,250 lbs
TL 10$62,500
ST 44201/149
1,500 lbs
TL 10$75,000
ST 47243/179
1,750 lbs
TL 10$87,500
ST 50253/187
2,000 lbs
TL 10$100,000
ST 51263/195
2,250 lbs
TL 10$112,500
ST 53274/202
2,500 lbs
TL 10$125,000
ST 54282/208
2,750 lbs
TL 10$137,500
ST 56290/214
3,000 lbs
TL 10$150,000

PaverGuard numbers are just the weight of the suit, for ease of remembrance. A metric society probably halves those numbers and uses them as the approximate kilogram weight. Another naming scheme might be to use Roman numerals: The Lightest armor becomes Paverguard - L, the Heaviest Pavergaurd-M, and an 800 lb suit is Paverguard-DCCC. 


These armor values come out just above ultra tech, which means they're probably in the right ballpark.  They are also much much cheaper, as spaceships in general tends to be cheaper.

With such a range of power armor, which suit to buy becomes an interesting decision. A character might decide to just keep making their armor bigger and heavier for more and more protection and strength. That costs money, of course, but if anyone has the cash spare on bigger and bigger suits of power armor, its a Player Character. Its worth remembering that the armor has to be moved around: power armor doesn't move as quickly as ultra-tech vehicles, and it take the equivalent of a truck to move around a half-ton suit of armor, while a character in 70 lb armor can probably keep their battlesuit on while in civilian transportation.

PaverGuard is intended to be my default power armor resource, as TL 10 is kind of the sweet spot for Power Armor. There are lots of things we could tweak though: splitting up the armor differently, using a different Tech Level, intentionally using cheaper armor, and using cheaper leg options. 

I hope you find this armor useful!

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