Saturday, August 29, 2020

Pile of Dice for Gurps

I've seen it several times: "How do I simplify rolling a big pile of dice?" Often this is an indication that the rules are being pushed past their limits: should you really be rolling an attack roll for every single one of the 50 goblin archers shooting what amounts to suppressing fire at the gate?

On the other hand, sometimes you really just want to roll 50 dice. or 500. And with a computer, its actually not that hard. You just have to have a simple program that will do it for you. And so I wrote one just for gurps: 

Number of Rolls:
Target Number:
Roll Under:

No Rolls Yet
0 out of 0 succeeded

Put in the dice as XdY (You know, that good old standard format). The Target number is the number you need to actually show on the dice: If you have a bunch of soldiers with will 12 rolling at -4 to resist a curse but benefiting from a +1 bonus the heroes procured for them, the target is 9, the number the soldiers actually need to roll. 

If you are using 3d6 and roll under, the tool will count criticals for you, as well as successes. 

I hope you find this tool useful!