Friday, February 27, 2015

Vasic Stones: Magic as Technology

Vasic Stones are made from the foundation of the universe, and represent a unique connection between the worlds that exist. With an ordinary piece of chalk, an informed user can change the very nature of the piece of the universe they are in, drawing energy, materials, and even laws of nature from other universes. All that is required is the chalk to inform the stone correctly.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How to stat an alien species

Coming up with the idea for an alien species can be tough, if rewarding work. But so often when you decide to give it game stats, it transforms from a 3-dimensional creature into a one dimensional upgrade for a character, or even worse, ignored because it isn't an upgrade! But there are ways around this. Ways that will even help refine what it is to be alien...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Death Merchant

Death Merchants appear as clouds with varying degrees of opacity, devoid of any features but the occasional tendril. Death Merchants visit those who have a loved one who is desperately ill, declare that 'Your concern has reached us, and we are willing to make a deal'. They make an offer -- the loved one's life for their own. The deal is presented as though the buyers will die, and as if the death merchant doesn't really care which soul they get.

This is all a deception.

Awan: World of Floating Islands

Land of Floating Islands, Awan is lit by one sun and two moons, though the light almost never penetrates to the surface. Most of the vegetation on Awan floats through supernatural means, each at a different height. The native life of Awan consists mostly of giant insects and 6-limbed vertebrates -- hippogriffs and dragons should be considered to have the classic body plan.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Linus von Yorben

An example of how to build a character using the ISWAT templates:

1) I'm going to build a suave swashbuckler. He's a combat character, but he'll really excel at moving around, and have good social skills. ISWAT uses him for his ability to be blunt and stir things up without revealing the secrete, and for his ability to make daring escapes afterwards. We'll call the guy Linus von Yorben.