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Monster Hunters Foe Generator

Standard Demons

Extended Traits Demons

Typed Demons

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How to use this Generator:

This generator was specifically created to create foes for Gurps: Monster Hunter Campaigns. In particular, it was made to flesh out types of foes quickly. Its designed to let you explore demon variation without rolling 20 times and navigating a look-up table. Its designed to let you eyeball the power level on a necromancer and click a button to get his full advantage set.

The greatest amount of work has gone into demons (and fae). If you are wondering why I include fae here, I covered that earlier (oh, and you get to see a copy of the table used here). Here, I'll just say that fae are every bit as varied as demons, if not more so, and often the difference is in their weaknesses and trappings rather than their supernatural abilities!

If you cannot understand the results returned, the work is made to be used with Gurps: Monster Hunters. Its not meant to be used without it. If you still don't understand, feel free to ask me what's going on.

Always remember that you are the GM, and can tweak results as you wish. In fact, the demon traits are intentionally designed to be tweaked!

prebuilt demons
advanced demons/fae
empowered characters

Prebuilt Demon Descriptions

  • Standard Demons are from MH3:The Enemy without variation (I think)
  • Extended Traits Demons use an extended table of demon traits, but still the basic demon templates
  • Typed Demons use the extended table, but have been shaped to fit specific roles because the table is so large. Weaknesses are suggested for all of these demons. A base demon template has NOT been suggested
  • Minor Demons are weaker demons skewed for combat -- traits that properly belong to worthies and bosses are much less common
  • Balanced Demons have a wide variety of abilities -- something for everyone. They are decent at combat, but tend to be more dangerous in the shadows
  • Battle Demons Are built for combat. Most if not all of their abilities will be centered around being tough in a strait up fight
  • Cunning Demons Are skewed away from combat. They have a large number of traits, but they overwhelming focus on indirect attacks. I rely heavily on this when coming up with new ideas -- it has a tendency to great interesting monsters moreso than the others.
  • Battle Demons Are built for combat. Most if not all of their abilities will be centered around being tough in a strait up fight

Advanced Demon Description

  • Movement Traits contains mostly traits that speed up the demon's motion, give it a new type of motion (like warp or brachiator), or allow it to go places that it otherwise couldn't (shapechanging is included here)
  • Combat Traits are almost all attacks or defenses (though luck and uses a weapon are here as well)
  • Senses Traits add a sense to the demon
  • Special Traits add enourmous flexibility to a demon or fae, and are best used as part of a long term non-combat plan. This includes mind control, Magery, Gizmos, Leech and extra languages.
  • Random Traits are traits are pulled from the entire list of the above.
  • Weakness are ideas for weaknesses for a demon. These are of course, just suggestions


Currently the witch generator just give a list of paths. the various options are named after the MH titles. The 'optimized witch' is the template MH witch who has spent an additional 4 points to raise each of his lowest paths by 1


All of these are presented in the same format: they have a limit on how much can be spent on advantages with powers, and a limit on what they can spend on advantages. The numbers suggested follow the MH material. Advantages with the powers advantage are italicized

Buttons guide the type of character created. This is only a guide, and sometimes you'll ask for a keen set of senses and get a rugged experiment. That's just the luck of the draw. Just roll again.

This generator gave a cost for several of the 'evil crusader' abilities. These are merely for comparison. I have no basis for them other than a rough ballpark number.

This generator was not made to create Player Characters! Often the abilities will be a little scattered. For an NPC this is OK! Which psi abilities someone gets is unlikely to be optimised.

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